automatic fishing rod holder

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It’s time to up your fishing game with the Automatic Fishing Rod Holder! It automatically pulls back when a fish bites. Sound like something that could help you secure your next catch?

When the fish bites the bait and tries to escape, the bracket is pulled up automatically, hooking the fish!


HOLDER ADJUSTS TO EACH FISH SIZE – Adjustable for three levels of fish size: A for 1-5kg, B for 0.25-1kg and C for 0.1-0.25kg catches.

ONE HOLDER FOR ALL CONDITIONS – Adjustable for various water conditions. From Super Sensitive for clear water to least sensitive for choppy water.

NO MISFIRES – The line trigger activates the rod tip-up only when a fish hits the hook setter, don’t worry you will never miss any fishes even if you have more than 10 fishing rods setup at the same time.

STURDY AND LIGHT-WEIGHT – Stainless steel material makes the fishing rod holders corrosion resistant, Impact resistant and easy to assemble. It can be detached and folded when you are not using it.

SUPER STRONG TOLERANCE – Springs are ultra-strong and able to withstand a maximum tension up to 5kg. ❌  Now you don’t need any bells or alarms ❌  This fishing tackle does the job for you!


Material: stainless steel

Folded size: 32*5.5*5.5cm

Extended length: 52.5cm

Rod width requirement: <4cm (1.5 inch)

Colour: silver & red